Children’s Self-Defense and Safety

Hello Everyone. I want you to take a moment and watch the video below please…

This is a video of Carlie Brucia being abducted from behind a Car Wash in Sarasota, Florida. By the time this video was reviewed the next day, Carly had been raped and Murdered.

Carly was 11 years old.

Why are we posting this?

When we speak of self defense, especially in regards to Children, we have to know what MIGHT work vs. what WON’T. The skillset that we learn in Martial Arts can be learned by both Children and Adults…. The APPLICATION of those skills will be completely different from Child to Adult however. A child, especially a younger, smaller one, will not have the same power or effect as a 200+ lb. Adult when throwing a punch or kick. This is why it is important for CORRECT Technique Application to be taught, not only to adults, but ESPECIALLY to children.

Children should be taught how to claw, bite, kick, scream and cheat to get away from a bad situation. Also, they need to be taught the PSYCHOLOGICAL aspects of a “Bad Guy / Bad Girl”. Carlie went with her abductor because she DIDN’T know what to say or do to defend herself and get away. She didn’t know what to do PSYCHOLOGICALLY or MENTALLY to get away.

Folks….. these are things that CAN and SHOULD be taught to children.
As Parents, we want more than anything to protect our children, but the REALITY is that if something bad is going to happen to them, we probably won’t be around to help. This is why it is important to get them training.


At C.O.B.R.A. Self-Defense Largo, we will HELP you by offering tools that you can use WITH your children to come up with a PROVEN PLAN OF ACTION. Some of you might have attended one of our Power-Demos. In the demo, we talk about how we insure our material items… Cars, Jewelry, Electronics, etc… Why don’t we insure ours most PRECIOUS items???? Our Safety and the Safety of our Loved Ones???
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